Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beating the Heat!

Playing in the sprinkler on a hot sunny day...

I think she had more fun draging the water hose all over the yard and filling up her bucket full of water and then dumping it down her belly :-).

Asher trying to stay cool in the only shade spot!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Ordinary Day...Just a Swinging

Asher 9 months...first time in the swing
Amesley 9 months...first time in the swing
Growing FAST...Amesley 32.5 months
Asher 9 months
Amesley 9 months

Growing FAST...Amesley 32.5 months

We can get so busy in the "ordinary day". That we fail to see THIS is what life is all about...enjoying the blessings God has given us and glorying in Our Great Lord and Savior.

This video blessed me, and helps serve as a reminder of the "ordinary moments" that make up our lives and how we should treasure them now before they are memories of bygone days. Here is the link

A friend of mine sent me this excerpt from the The Flourishing Mother Blog( awhile back and it is a great reminder to remember what is important in life. See excerpt below:

I can serve all the healthy and organic food to my kiddos I can possibly serve, but if I have not love I am "a clanging symbol."

I can preach "mini-sermons" to my kids when they "mess up" every. single. time. --but if I have not love I am "a clanging symbol."

I can home school my children, keep a clean house for them, and read the Bible to them every day--but if I have not love I am "a clanging symbol."

Instead of condemnation...choose grace.
Instead of control...grace.
Instead of rules, choose relationship....grace.
In all things...grace.

This is my prayer:

Lord may I remember...I love because you first loved me
Lord may I is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow
Lord may I glory in my Redeemer, who paid it all at Calvary.
Lord may I rejoice in all, I say it again REJOICE!
Lord may I soak up all these precious times.

9 Months with the Doggie

Crawling Away...
Meeting Great Me-maw Irby

Lots of new things going on this month...
  • second tooth is in
  • tasting finger foods like cheerios and Puffs
  • took a 12.5 hour car trip to Atlanta, GA for Cousin Courtney's Wedding
  • Met lots of new family...Me-maw Irby, Uncle Allen, Aunt Ginny, Cousin Eric, Cousin Courtney and Cousin Adam
  • Jibber jabbering all the time and making boy noises like a bear "growling" and a car "motor"
  • Crawling everywhere! When you are crawling you make a whistling noise :-)
  • You are 17 lbs 9 oz and 27.5 inches long. You are wearing a size 6-9 month.
  • You love to make a "fish face"
  • You love to be held by mommy and now when you want Mommy to hold you - you come crying and crawling to my feet to be picked up.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We are going to miss you Abby...

Christmas 2009
Amesley and Abby 2008
Christmas 2005
Mom and Abby
Dad and Abby

Abby passed away June 6, 2010 at the age of 8.5 years. Up until about 10 days earlier she had been a healthy dog. She went into the vet on May 27th after vomiting all night. The vet thought she had pancreatitis. On Friday, a specialist was called in to perform an ultrasound; however, all the test run on her were inconclusive. Her platelet counts were very low which may have indicated a possible lymphoma.

We have lots of memories with Abby over the course of the passed 8.5 years. The last few days have been tearful. We have been remembering all of our great memories with our "bruiser" as we called her. We will greatly miss Abby...

  • sitting on the couch with me as I do my bible study

  • laying under the desk at night as we work on our computers

  • scooting on her belly across the floor

  • running to the kitchen at the sound of a cereal bag opening or the refrigerator opening
  • barking at the trash bag as Wayne shakes it to put it in the trash can
  • chasing squirrels in the back yard
  • dodging "landmines" in the back yard:-)
  • sunbathing in the window or at the storm door

  • greeting us at the door as we arrive home

  • watching out the storm door as we go out to get the mail

  • barking at the doorbell or the people who walk by

  • waiting at the kids door as we lay them down to bed

  • cleaning the floors under the kidos seats :-)

  • squeezing between the cabinet and my legs as I cook to make sure nothing falls on the floor

  • squeaking a toy as if to say "let's play"

  • playing chase around and around the couch
  • giving you your weekly "Tuesday Bath"
  • running after "tissue paper balls" at birthday parties and Christmas
  • snoring and making noises in her kennel beside our bed at night

    WE LOVE YOU ABBY!!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's OFFICIAL...Asher is moblie!

Mom, you better put on your running shoes. Now we have two busy bees :-) Asher started crawling all over today! Prior to today he would crawl 1-2 feet and then flatten out on his he is going from one room to another!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amesley's First Hair Cut

Before the Cut

Getting it cut!

The Finished Do

After the Cut!

Amesley got her FIRST hair cut yesterday. We went to a place called Pigtails and Crew cuts. As you can see in the picture, she was able to select if she wanted to sit in a firetruck, police car, plane or a taxi while she got her hair cut. Amesley was very still and quiet during the hair cut...this could have something to do with the sucker in her mouth :-)

Happy Mother's Day!

Remebering the years we prayed that God would give us children- and praying I will never forget those years of waiting on the Lord. Thank you, Lord for THE MESSAGE COLIN SMITH gave, which provided a precious reminder of learning to wait.

He said:
"If there is one thing in your life that you particularly long for and it is not yet there and may never be there. That more than anything else is the place where you can demonstrate that you Love God for God and not just God for His gifts. In the abundance of what God has given to you, take the one thing you long for the most and offer it to Him as worship and it will transform disappointment into praise. It will make a great change for the Glory of God at a deep place in your life."

I thank God for the sweet blessings He has given us, in Amesley and Asher. I am a living example of this verse "He makes the barren woman abide in the house, As a... joyful mother of children. Praise the LORD!" (Psalm 113:9) Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow! Thank you Lord for shaping me into your image through trails...may I find great joy in trails of life!

8 Months with the Doggie

Asher has many new accomplishments this month...

  • attempting to clap

  • saying "Ma Ma"

  • first tooth-right lower incisor

  • first ear infection

  • playing peekaboo by holding your cloth diaper over your head

  • not crawling yet but up on all fours and rocking...look out!

  • you are enjoying books think they taste good too :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Time Fun with Amesley

Decorating a cookie with gum drops and M&M.

Licking the sprinkles off my fingers.

Look at my pretty egg.

Enjoying the finished product. YUM YUM!! Thanks Meems for sending my cookie decorating kit. Luvs you Meems!
Drawing circles on the sidewalk and hopping in and out. Amesley says, "hop-it, hop-it."

Enjoying a Popsicle on a warm spring day! Thank you God for the beauty in creation!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7 Months with the Doggie

Yesterday-Asher turned 7 months old! This month he has been enjoying the world of food. We have worked our way through the veggies and just this week we've started fruit. The only thing he has turned his nose up to is the rice cereal...can't blame him it taste like cardboard to me :-) I have been making Asher's baby food. I didn't do this with Amesley because the thought of it just overwhelmed me. However, I have found it to be fairly easy and nice to have the food frozen in portions sizes that we use. He is also trying to learn how to get the liquid out of a cup. He has not figured out the tilting it back yet...instead we just chew on the spout.

Asher is now sitting and even able to catch himself sometimes when he falls to the side. He is also getting up into all fours and staying in that position for 1 minute before laying back down. Asher loves to stick his tongue out and spit. He is very aware of his environment now and becomes upset when mommy leaves the room. Asher loves his sister, Amesley. When he sees her or she talks to him he smiles soooo BIG. I pray this love will continue to grow as they grow older. Thank you God for our "Little Asher Man"!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yum...Yum Rice Cereal

Asher was very excited to taste his first bites of food. He was so intense. He would grab the spoon from me as if to say I was not feeding him fast enough.

Six Months with the Doggie

It is hard to believe that Asher turned 6 months old yesterday...half of a year has gone by since he was born...WOW! This month has been busy with lots of new things to report. Asher is now rolling everywhere! It is his mode of transportation these days. When I lay him down and come back in the room he has sometimes rolled across the room. Asher has also started making lots of "boy" noises...growling and grunting. Asher enjoys sitting up but still needs some support. He can sit unsupported for a few seconds but then crashes :-) His feet are a new toy these days. Asher also loves standing and playing with all the toys in his exersaucer. Asher is such a happy fella and loves to smile. He also loves to get attention by fake coughing and then smiling when someone looks his way. Thank you Lord for the blessing of Children!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Don’t Want My Children To Be Happy

This is a great reminder that happiness is found in happenings and true joy is found in God our Saviour Jesus Christ! It is my prayer that Amesley and Asher would be content and holy not seeking after happiness that is only fleeting...Check out this great post where true love for your child is explained

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Winter Wonderland!

We have had quite a bit of winter weather here in Arkansas this year! Over the past 6 wks we have had three different opportunity to see sleet or snow! The most recent was yesterday. We woke up to snow covered houses, yards, cars, and streets. To our surprise, it snowed all morning...often very big snowflakes! We got 2-4 inches of SNOW! Enough to build a snowman :-) After building our snowman, we came inside for a warmer activity...coloring.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Asher's Baby Dedication

On Sunday Feb 7th, before our family and the BCLR church body, Wayne and I committed to the God-given joy of parenting. We will seek, as God enables us, to teach our children the Word of God (Deuteronomy 6:4-9), and to endeavor to be a model of Christ likeness for them (1 John 2:6). It is our prayer that we will faithfully teach our children about OUR GREAT GOD as we rise up, as we go on our way and as we lay down. We were blessed to have our family join us in this celebration of the life God gave us...ASHER man!

5 Months with the Doggie

Asher turned 5 months on Sat. He is very busy these days rolling everywhere and sitting and standing with support. He loves to talk, squeal and giggle. He enjoys playing with toys. He also loves to put anything in his mouth...a finger, clothes, cloth diapers, blankets, toys, blocks. Although he loves to suck on his pacy, he also loves to "play" with it. He eats the handle, chews on the nipple, takes it in and out of his mouth...what a GREAT toy! Asher gets really excited and moves his arms and legs and make noises when he anticipates someone picking him up. It is so cute! He is such a blessing from the Lord and we are thankful that the Lord gave him to us!