Sunday, March 7, 2010

Six Months with the Doggie

It is hard to believe that Asher turned 6 months old yesterday...half of a year has gone by since he was born...WOW! This month has been busy with lots of new things to report. Asher is now rolling everywhere! It is his mode of transportation these days. When I lay him down and come back in the room he has sometimes rolled across the room. Asher has also started making lots of "boy" noises...growling and grunting. Asher enjoys sitting up but still needs some support. He can sit unsupported for a few seconds but then crashes :-) His feet are a new toy these days. Asher also loves standing and playing with all the toys in his exersaucer. Asher is such a happy fella and loves to smile. He also loves to get attention by fake coughing and then smiling when someone looks his way. Thank you Lord for the blessing of Children!

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Molly said...

Happy 6 month birthday! Shep turned 10 months yesterday. I love your comment about the grunting/growling and fake coughing. Sounds like my little guy. Shep is such a grunter!=)

Hope your doing well. Enjoyed seeing your pictures.