Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Ordinary Day...Just a Swinging

Asher 9 months...first time in the swing
Amesley 9 months...first time in the swing
Growing FAST...Amesley 32.5 months
Asher 9 months
Amesley 9 months

Growing FAST...Amesley 32.5 months

We can get so busy in the "ordinary day". That we fail to see THIS is what life is all about...enjoying the blessings God has given us and glorying in Our Great Lord and Savior.

This video blessed me, and helps serve as a reminder of the "ordinary moments" that make up our lives and how we should treasure them now before they are memories of bygone days. Here is the link

A friend of mine sent me this excerpt from the The Flourishing Mother Blog( awhile back and it is a great reminder to remember what is important in life. See excerpt below:

I can serve all the healthy and organic food to my kiddos I can possibly serve, but if I have not love I am "a clanging symbol."

I can preach "mini-sermons" to my kids when they "mess up" every. single. time. --but if I have not love I am "a clanging symbol."

I can home school my children, keep a clean house for them, and read the Bible to them every day--but if I have not love I am "a clanging symbol."

Instead of condemnation...choose grace.
Instead of control...grace.
Instead of rules, choose relationship....grace.
In all things...grace.

This is my prayer:

Lord may I remember...I love because you first loved me
Lord may I is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow
Lord may I glory in my Redeemer, who paid it all at Calvary.
Lord may I rejoice in all, I say it again REJOICE!
Lord may I soak up all these precious times.

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